Remote for LifeHow to Find a Flexible Job & Fast Forward to Freedom, by Jordan Carroll

(Lioncrest Publishing, 2022)

  • Create the Vision of Your Ideal Remote Life

    Learn the importance of visualizing and externalizing the remote life you want to build for yourself. Even if you're already working remotely, it's time to finally realize the full potential of your ideal life.

  • Succeed as an Effective Remote Worker

    There's a learning curve to remote work and becoming a productive and effective virtual employee. Learn strategies and tactics to make you irresistible to remote companies as an invaluable asset.

  • Create unique differentiation based on your past experiences and current skills. With that, understand which companies, roles, and industries best suit you, and exactly how to stand out to land the job.



With Forward Written by Darren Murph

Head of Remote at GitLab


“Imagine the power of tens of millions of people suddenly having the time and flexibility to adopt, to foster, to build homes and community centers for the marginalized, to speak for someone who is hurting, to move back home, to care for their aging parents, to change the world one heart at a time. Imagine 'I can't, because of my commute/schedule/location' not being a thing. This is why remote matters. This is why this book matters."

And Endorsements By:


"Jordan walks the talk. He's lived the remote lifestyle and in every coaching moment he intimately understands what these remote companies are looking for and how professionals can find the best balance between work and their lifestyle."

Madeline Mann

Founder of Self Made Millennial

"A lot of individuals that haven't had the opportunity to work a flexible role don't really have a starting point. They need a resource like Remote For Life to help them better understand how to achieve their goals."

Tara Vasdani

Founder of Remote Law Canada

"There are a very small number of people at the center of the remote work movement like Jordan is. Asking why he's qualified to write this book is like asking why Michael Jordan is qualified to take the last shot of the game."

Chase Warrington

Head of Remote at Doist

About the Author

Jordan Carroll, aka The Remote Job Coach, has worked remotely in various capacities since 2013: for a Fortune 50 company, multiple start-ups, and his own businesses.


He's lived in 15 different countries on 5 continents and creates content, courses, and coaching programs to help remote job seekers land legitimate, flexible, positions.


Thousands of people around the world use his strategies to find success in their remote job search. As an in-demand speaker in the remote industry, he's held keynotes at various conferences and been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, HuffPost, CareerSidekick, Thrive Global, Disrupt, and more.


He's passionate about how remote work can create equal opportunities, and contributes both his time and finances to organizations that support upskilling refugee talent for remote work.


He is an avid videographer, podcaster (Sunday Ain't Scary Show), basketball player, and writer. Remote for Life (Lioncrest Publishing,  2022), will be his first published book.

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